Originally, I am an international school teacher in Bangkok, Thailand. Today, I am living my passion and working as a free-lance yoga instructor, teaching in a studio, few international schools and privately.

I was brought up in a religious Indian household in Thailand, India and Japan. Even though I was surrounded by a religious culture at home, I somehow was not so interested in the religious scriptures and stories. I was more interested to explore anything that would make my health suffering go away. My first yoga class was a Yoga Nidra class with my father’s Ayurvedic doctor, when I was 19 years old in Japan. My father introduced yoga to me because we both suffered from bronchitis. As my yogic journey continued, my health started improving. I could not believe what was happening to me. It was like magic!!! I was ready to do anything to make my suffering disappear, which also meant taking less medicines. So my visits to yoga classes kept on increasing.

In 1989, after I took the Silva Mind Control course with Mary Chappel, the list of holistic courses just kept on increasing – Reiki I, II, Art of Living, Transcendental meditation, etc. My curiosity in the power of the mind kept on expanding, in spite of my increase in workload in different international schools. I thought, “What if I got a certification in yoga, then I could teach yoga, do yoga, help others distress and maintain my job.”  Teaching yoga to stressed colleagues after school for three years free of cost, gave me the idea of teaching it to students at school.  I also started using yoga to assist school counselors with ADD, ADHD students and adults with anger management issues, depression & health problems.

In 2004 after my first Vipassana meditation course, my insight into the ‘body, mind science’ grew even more.  Yoga and Vipassana meditayion had become like medicine for me, something I could not live without; My Best Friends! My passion started overflowing to all around me, at home and at work and continues to expand by the day. My name started becoming synonymous to Yoga.