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This includes a Yoga workshop by Prasad in Thailand Yoga Festival 2010 with a Thai translation & 3 Yoga interviews.

In the workshop, “Asana – The Blueprint” he explains the “why” and “how” of asana practice as is practiced in classical Hatha yoga schools of ancient India.  Students venture into getting a step closer to “becoming” the asana rather than just doing the asana. A deeply mindful practice that leads to expansion of consciousness, increases sensitivity to love and compassion and generates a deep sense of gratitude for everything in and around.

Interview 1: Prasad elaborates on how in today’s globalised world, there are many perspectives, many forms of yoga. Prasad explains the essence of Yoga – What does it mean? What does it represent? What is its relevance?

Interview 2: Prasad speaks about how can we absorb Yoga into real life & how Yoga is not just about stretching and performing exercises. We must stop looking at Yoga just as physical practice.

Interview 3: Prasad answers the questions: “What is our aim? What is the horizon we are looking for in Yoga practise?”

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Price: One DVD 600 Baht