Welcome to Yoga Adventures In Amazing Thailand

Join Yoga Adventures! It is a journey where I am living my yoga passion everyday in the form of a class, workshop, meditation, yoga chat, exchange of yoga ideas, holistic DVD or a similar adventure. By joining Yoga Adventures, I hope to help you “Find the Peace Within You”. As you step into any part of the journey, just let loose, feel free, be yourself, relax, breathe, smile, be happy and move your body in harmony with your breath, mind and inner consciousness. Just, “Be Present” and leave all your worries outside the door. Remind yourself to find the “Peace within”. Once you find it within, you will start sharing it all around you and begin to see your World with new eyes. You don’t need to wait to do yoga only on the mat.  I believe in “Yoga on the mat and off the mat.” Do you need to be super flexible to do yoga? No. Just come and enjoy the relaxation, peace, quiet, calm, tranquility that you will begin to experience as you start doing yoga. Often times, it is more about mental flexibility rather than physical flexibility that is more important in this practice. Some days even a five minutes practice can do wonders. The idea is to start, continue and be consistent.