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Why Meditate?

Writing was a huge part of being a teacher in an international school. Teachers were encouraged to attend writing workshops, even writing retreats in Pattaya. We encouraged students to write all the time & we needed to model it too. One morning on 26th Aug 22, 2002  during an English class, I was teaching students [...]

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Opening the Deeper States of the Mind

Written on November 25, 2010 “After attending “Finding YourSelf “, workshop with Prasad in Oct 2006 in Bangkok, I was introduced to Yoga Nidra. For 3 weeks after the workshop, I was still pondering over this question, “What is Yoga Nidra? Why do I have to do it when I am already meditating? Do I really need to incorporate another technique to my bag of destressing tools?” Quite confused, I finally emailed Prasad asking, “How do I include the yoga nidra in my daily routine? I tried your Yoga Nidra CD for the first time. The result was phenomenal and definitely the benefits are different from meditation. Do you suggest I do it once a week, more than once or ……? can’t decide.” His reply on 21st Nov, 2006 was as follows: “I am glad that you are looking at yoga not as something to do, but something to explore. Yoga is a very powerful tool, it is like a torch which helps us remove the darkness of ignorance and relieve tensions. In turn we discover the True Reality which lies within. Now you are working with your body , later your mind will be under the scanner of your awareness and slowly your heart will open up, and lots of other things to follow, and in such a way many things will be revealed which our eyes and senses don’t .” […]

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