Product Description

Ingredients: Each sachet contains 2gms of organic wheatgrass powder from Australia.

Neutralizes an acidic body.
Cleanses & supplies oxygen to blood.
Helps build high blood count, beneficial for anemia patients.
Combats cancer cells & slows down aging process since it is a high antioxidant.
Improves metabolism & enhances immune system.
Improves overall health with its high chlorophyll content, minerals, vitamins, amino acids, enzymes.
Purifies liver & remove toxic materials.
Lowers high blood pressure.
Helps constipation/stomach problems.
Improves blood sugar problems (diabetes) & uric acid problems.
Helps skin diseases, resist bacteria in infected wounds & improve complexion.
Soothes ulcer tissues, painful hemorrhoids & piles.
Remove odours of bad breath, urine, faeces.

Recommendations: For anyone who wants to gain above benefits. You can carry wheatgrass sachets with you when travelling, very light & easy to carry.

Price: One box of 30 sachets 750 Baht with shaker and 2 free sachets