Writing was a huge part of being a teacher in an international school. Teachers were encouraged to attend writing workshops, even writing retreats in Pattaya. We encouraged students to write all the time & we needed to model it too.

One morning on 26th Aug 22, 2002  during an English class, I was teaching students about different styles of poetry. The follow up activity was that students needed to write an A-Z poem.  Yes this was in room E205 in Ruamrudee International School, Bangkok!! That evening my head went spinning with so many ideas I could use. However, my poem was still incomplete. It wasn’t until I meditated that I gained more insights to add to my poem. The following is what I came up with.. Yes, more than 10 years ago:

An Adventure into consciousness.
Brings more oxygen into your body.
Centers you through your chakras (energy centers).
Develops your intuitive skills.
Energizes, revitalizes and refreshes you.
Fitting it into your daily busy schedule, is a must.
Gives answers to problems.
Heightens your alertness.
Improves your psychosomatic state (mental health affecting physical health).
Just discipline yourself to do it.
Keep a meditation diary or journal to track this journey.
Light-heartedness is felt.
Makes you learn to forgive.
Nurtures the mind with mental vitamins.
Observe the changes within you as you keep on meditating.
Positive thinking becomes a part of you.
Quietens your inner chatter.
Reverses your biological age and mental age.
Strengthens your mind and body.
Takes away aches, pains and toxins from your body with a tingling sensation.
Usually can take 15-20 mins. or more if you have the time.
Vipassana meditation, light meditation, chakra meditation, transcendental meditation, whatever
you choose, practice it.
Wonderful feeling and complexion you will get.
Xtremely simple.
You will be astonished at the benefits you reap, once you start meditating daily.
Zest in life will appear.

I have realized the tremendous benefits I have gained and the changes it has brought within me. Just like some people are addicted to the internet, T.V, loud music, smoking……………………………etc., I feel I’m addicted to meditation. It’s like sharpening the mind, just like you would sharpen a blunt knife.

However, the biggest challenge I found in developing this stress-releasing technique was finding the time to do it. I even did several experiments where I tried to cheat myself by feeling that just because I have the knowledge about it, I can reap the benefits. Sometimes, I was even taking short cuts. How wrong I was…. The trick is to do it DAILY!!

Want to try writing your A-Z poem & see what you come up with? Check out the database in your mind – in other words, what you have stored in your mind & you may be surprised with the beautiful insights you will come up with 🙂

Veena Meditation pic in Evason, HuaHin 2012